Procurers guide to Green Public Procurement. Making it easier being green.


If you work with public procurement, you work with a powerful tool to drive the market in a green direction, reduce environmental impacts and save money at the same time. Work your way through this guide and you will feel ready to start green your procurement.

Green public procurement (GPP) means procuring everything from modern electric cars, energy saving light bulbs, FSC labelled wood, energy efficient IT equipment, fairtrade coffee and much more. But it can also be about buying good quality products with a long life span and to use services that have modified methods in order to make them more environmental friendly.

The idea is quite simple: to set environmental criteria for the goods or service wanted, and let the suppliers compete to find the best and most environmentally friendly solutions that meet your needs.

This guide will take you through the basics of the potential of GPP, important roles, the process, methods and criteria. It will also go more into the details on how to procure within four important areas: Catering Services, Construction, IT and Transport. Focus is on these areas since they carry a lot of challenges and potential when it comes to environmental issues. At the end there is also a memory test to make sure that the most essential guidance will stick. Come back for the rest whenever you need it.

This guide is a part of the project Baltic GPP.